Swords And Souls

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Swords And Souls
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Swords And Souls is a unique mixture of a great adventure game with elements of ancient warriors, magic and battles against weird creatures. This game, developed by Armor Games has an awesome graphics and great gameplay. The story line of the game is also pretty good : you play as a Roman warrior, who is going to become the most powerful and most famous warrior of all times. At the beginning of the game, you character is a bit weak, you must enter the training room to make his reflexes and skills better. Swords And Souls is a battle game, this means that you have to fight against different monsters and creepy creatures to win the prize. At the end of each wave of enemies, you will face the boss. It is always the most powerful monster, which has a lot of health and can perform deadly attacks. After earning some golden coins in Swords And Souls game, you can visit the local magic shop, to buy upgrades for your warrior. For example you can buy a new sword, new armor or even health and souls. Hope you will enjoy the Swords And Souls game at AwwGames