Strike Force Heroes 3

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Strike Force Heroes 3
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Strike Force Heroes 3 is now available for our users with some new levels in the campaign mode, game mode and a lot of new weapons. This is the latest edition of the series and features an awesome graphics and rather interesting plot. The game continues the story of the previous part but there are some changes. For example, here you can't choose your soldier class at the beginning. You must also complete some levels in the campaign mode to unlock the newer and more powerful weapons. Some people say that plot as well as the gameplay of the 3rd version of this shooting game is not so interesting, but it is worth playing. Strike Force Heroes 3 is the newest version of the popular shooting game. User will enjoy up to 60 new missions, new weapons and a several new game modes. Don't forget to complete the campaign mode to unlock all weapons and items. Game Controls : [W][A][S][D]/[Arrows] - Move [R]/[Right Click] - Reload [Q]/[Shift] - Switch Weapons [E]/[Ctrl] - Killstreak [Mouse] - Aim and Shoot