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Gunblood is a western shootout game where player will take place in the most deadly duels of the wild west. In this shooting game, your reactions skills gonna be tested and everything depends on your shooting speed. At the beginning of the game you must enter your name and choose character. As soon as the duel starts, you will notice timer. When the time goes off, you must take your gun and kill enemy. You must do it quickly to make the right shot and kill opponent. If you manage to succeed in the duel, you will face another enemy, who is much faster and much stronger. All actions in Gunblood game are made using mouse. Gunblood Cheats You can use the cheats for gunblood game. Check out them below: NOHIT = Godlike Skill MOREAMMO = infinite ammo. POINTER = laser pointer on your gun FASTFIRE = shooting at faster rate. Note : Don't use Chrome to load the game, we recommend using Firefox browser.