Dead Samurai

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Dead Samurai
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Dead Samurai is one of the best fighting games that you can ever play. In this game you have to choose your character and enter the tournament. All characters have different swords and different skills. Cheats For Dead Samurai : ========BOSSONE========== (play as first boss) ========BOSSTWO========== (play as main boss with helicopter) ========GRENADES============= (get grenades) =======2SWORDS======== (use this cheat to start with 2 swords) ==========NOSWORDS============ (just bare knuckle fighting) ======SHOTGUN========== (use this cheat to start with the shotgun) ========KUNGFU========= (battle like crouching dragons. fly cheat) ========HIGHJUMP========= (apply this cheat code to jump higher) =========BIGHEADS========= (nba jam style fun) =========SHADOWS========= (fight with reflections only) =========MOREAMMO======== (more shurikens shotgun ammo) =======NODAMAGE========== (no hits from opponent)